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Washing Powder

Washing Powder

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Suitable for front and top loading washing machines. Fragrance and colour free. 1 kg

Made from natural ingredients, however still having good cleansing properties. Mild for the environment, making it suitable for septic tank systems. Free from nitrates, enzymes, phosphates, fillers, optical brighteners, essential oils and perfumes. Safe to use for eczema prone and sensitive skin types. The formula does not need to be dissolved before use, just place the required amount in the drum or detergent container of your washing machine.


  • Sodium Silicate: To prevent rust and corrosion to the washing machine.
  • Natural coconut surfactant: To clean clothes from blood, grass stains, grease, grime and food stains.
  • Sodium Carbonate Salts: Used as a water softener and bonds with magnesium and calcium ions when in contact with water. Also helps with removing stains and produces oxygen to cleanse the garments.