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Shampoo with Raspberry & Blackcurrant Oil
Shampoo with Raspberry & Blackcurrant Oil
Shampoo with Raspberry & Blackcurrant Oil

Shampoo with Raspberry & Blackcurrant Oil

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A non-greasy balancing shampoo for oily hair. Made with raspberry, blackcurrant, grape seed and apricot oil, organically grown sage, burdock and comfrey extract, vitamins and rice protein.

Raspberry Seed Oil is a highly nourishing yet non-greasy oil, rich in vitamins A, E and naturally occurring fatty acids.

Blackcurrant Oil is a light, nourishing oil rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids.

The shampoo is available in three packaging options:

  • Glass bottle 200 ml with a pump, if you still prefer a bottle, but want to avoid using plastics
  • Plastic bottle 250ml if you prefer a plastic bottle, these are easy to use, do not break and there is the option to purchase a pump if you prefer or just squeeze the bottle.
  • Refill pouches 250 ml: Simply refill your favourite shampoo bottle, by using a funnel just pour the shampoo in your bottle when your order arrives. As the pouches don’t last forever it is best to empty the pouch in your bottle within a week of receiving your order or the pouch may leak. 

Please use the drop down menu to select packaging option.

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