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Broad Spectrum Sunsreen SPF30+ (100ml)

Broad Spectrum Sunsreen SPF30+ (100ml)

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A Natural Sunscreen using natural compounds for a broad spectrum protection 100 ml in a plastic bottle 

The sunscreen is made with minerals, zinc. Easy to apply and the finish is transparent, you wont notice you are wearing the product. Protecting the skin from both UVA and UVB rays
The sunscreen can be used for all the family, even babies. Suitable for all over the body, including the face and neck, ideal to use when spending prolonged periods in the sun. The sunscreen has been tested in Australia to specify the SPF rating.

Directions: Apply before exposing skin. Apply about one teaspoon to each of the limbs and face and neck. Reapply straight away after swimming and towel drying.  

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