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Body Mist

Body Mist

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Body mists are made with essential oils and fruit extracts. Safe for sensitive skins. Just spray on the skin and clothes for a mild everyday fragrance. The body mist does not leave stains and is a quick drying formula. No alcohols, parabens or artificial fragrances. These can be used as room fragrances too. Care should be taken when using body mists on the face to avoid the eyes.

Available in the following blends:

  • Elderflower Neroli & Gardenia: A soft floral blend
  • Frangipani Flowers: A refreshing tropical flower blend
  • Lavender Sandalwood Blend: Rich and relaxing blend
  • Lemongrass Orange & Pomegranate: Refreshing citrus and zesty pomegranate
  • Lychee Berries & Vanilla: Sweet with fresh berries
  • Opium Rose Blend: Traditional floral scent
  • Patchouli Sandalwood & Wild Berries: Rich woody oils and fresh tones of berries
  • Pear Dragon Fruit & Vanilla: Sweet pear and vanilla with fresh dragon fruit
  • Tamarillo Pear & Fig: Zesty and sweet
  • Vanilla Citrus: Soft sweet vanilla and zesty citrus
  • Wild Fig Frangipani & Sweet Mango: A lovely soft scent