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Our natural mineral make-up is 100% mineral based with no fillers, corn starch, rice flour, arrow root, talc (irritating to the skin and can be cancer causing) and certainly no bismuth oxychloride (can be irritating to the skin and leaves a shiny finish). All the colours are all natural minerals too, no dyes, lakes, carmine and also no FD&C colours or any perfumes.

We use a range of naturally occurring minerals that are beneficial for skin conditions, like sensitive, eczema prone skin and rosacea. These minerals also do not support the growth of bacteria. Mineral make-up allows the skin breathe, preventing break-outs, of acne and rosacea.

As we use a high amount of zinc and titanium in our products they also offer a natural sun protection for UVA and UVB rays. Studies have found that zinc is also effective for treating a wide range of skin conditions including eczema. Here are some of the ingredients we use:

  • Titanium: Derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite. Protects the skin from UVA & UVB rays.
  • Zinc: Obtained from naturally occurring zinc ore. Reflects UVA & UVB. Very soothing for the skin.
  • Magnesium: Obtained from various magnesium minerals.
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