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Lotion with Neem, Hemp & Karanja Oil

Lotion with Neem, Hemp & Karanja Oil

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Lotion with Neem, Hemp & Karanja Oil 60ml

A rich nourishing lotion especially for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and patches of extreme dry sensitive skin.

Neem Oil is  made from a tree originally from India. Neem Oil has a wide range of soothing, healing and antibacterial properties. Suitable for all skin types including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and sensitive skin.

Hemp Oil is versatile for skin care. The oil provides many essential nutrients essential for maintaining healthy skin. Rich in essential fatty acids that include poly fatty acids, omega 3, omega 9, linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid. These essential fatty acids are rare in oils, only found in hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil and borage oil. Hemp is also one of the oils with the highest percentage of unsaturated components.

Karanja Oil is similar to Neem Oil, also from India, however has a milder smell. The oil is cold pressed from the Pongam tree. With soothing and anti-septic properties ideal for eczema.

Directions: Apply as required to effected areas.

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