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Collection: Home Fragrance Bead Jars

Home Fragrance Bead Jars are a great way to fragrance wardrobes, cupboards and small rooms. Much less worry than candles and easy to look after. Just add a tablespoon of water once a week to keep the beads moist.

The scents are created with essential oils and fruit extracts. The beads are biodegradable and can be used in the garden once the scent diminishes.

Some tips to get the most out of your Home Fragrance Bead Jar Set

  • Keep out of reach of pets and children
  • Avoid spilling beads on wooden or plastic surfaces
  • Do not ingest the beads
  • Do not heat the beads
  • Do not place the jar or beads near a heat source
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Do not dispose of the beads in drains or waterways - re-purpose them in your garden to keep plants moist.
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