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Created from Minerals - A Healthy Alternative

Natural deodorant a healthy alternative for everybody, which will keep you fresh. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, non sticky, non staining and odor free even in the hottest times. it gives an invisible barrier of protection, that keeps you fresh and clean all day.

What is it?

A deodorant made from natural mineral salt. The primary salt is potassium sulphate and other mineral salts, all natural products, no perfumes or oils, that stain clothes, irritate the skin, no chemicals that are bad for you and the environment, no emulsifiers, which clogs the pores, no propellant that harms the ozone. The mineral salts are crystallized, cut, shaped and smoothed and will last 10 times longer, than your roll on deodorant. And over this all: the rock does not contain: ALUMINIUM CHLOROHYDRATE

Our Body

The body perspires to cool, cleanse and eliminate toxins. Do not try to stop your body form perspiring as it reduces the effectiveness of those important natural things. Trying to stop this accumulate the toxins. A good deodorant does not prevent perspiration, but reduces odor by controlling bacteria. Products applied to the skin are absorbed by the body and will enter the lymphatic system so it is important, what deodorant you use.

Use and Care

Apply the crystal to moist skin, but no need to wet the crystal. After use it is best to store the crystal in an open well ventilated place, not in a cabinet or closed container. The crystal should be treated as porcelain; if dropped or knocked it may crack or break.

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