Solid Bars

An exciting new range with more products coming soon. These products come in carton and paper packaging with no plastic bottles. Made with mild ingredients for everyday use or for that special travel occasion. The range includes a shampoo bar, conditioner bars, face wash bars and body and a hair wash bar for little ones.

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Body Scrub Bar
Body Scrub Bar 70 grams Made with nourishing cocoa and shea butter and gently exfoliating olive stone. A natural scrub gently removes dead skin cells easily and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. With a refreshing orange and passion fru..
Conditioner Bar Dry-Normal Hair
Conditioner Bar Dry-Normal Hair 70 grams, packaged in a carton box A solid conditioner bar made with capuaçu, cocoa, butter and argan oil. Rich moisturizing and easy to use. Just rub in wet hair, leave in for 1-2 mintues and rinse. ..
Conditioner Bar Oily-Normal Hair
Conditioner Bar Oily-Normal Hair 70 grams packaged in a carton box A solid conditioner bar made with capuaçu, cocoa, butter and coconut oil. Balancing for the hair and easy to use. Just rub in wet hair, leave in for 1-2 mintues and rinse. ..
Deluxe Shampoo Bar
Deluxe Shampoo Bar 70 grams, packaged in a carton box. A mild conditioning solid shampoo suitable for all hair types. Enriched with Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Green Tea Extract and lovely sweet vanilla extract. Easier to rinse than a traditional sham..
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Face Wash Bar
Face Wash Bar 55 grams A mild facial cleanser made with cocoa butter, shea butter avocado oil, organically grown sage and burdock extracts, to soothe and gently cleanse the skin. Easy to use in a solid bar, with no need for a plastic container. Su..
Facial Scrub Bar
Facial Scrub Bar 55 grams Based on our popular facial scrub, but in a bar form with no plastic packaging. Mild exfoliating with fine olive stone and nourishing with extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. ..
Foot Bar
Foot Bar 55 grams An anti fungal and anti bacterial bar for feet. Moisturises and reduces odour. Made with soothing cocoa and shea butter with refreshing peppermint and menthol. Comes in a convenient solid bar with no plastic packaging.  ..
Hair Wax
Hair Wax 55 grams A natural hair wax with a strong hold. Created from plant waxes, such as candellia and sunflower wax. Packaged in paper with no plastics.   ..
Household Cleaning Bar
A natural biodegrable cleaning bar for a wide range of tasks around the house. Just rub on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a damp cloth. Hundreds of uses, such as getting rid of stains, doing the dishes, cleaning the carpet. *To ensure..
Laundry Bar
Laundry Bar 70 grams A laundry bar mild with mild cleaning agents for hand washing and spot cleaning. Just rub on the garment and rinse throughly. Packaged in paper and carton with no plastic and fresh lemon verbena scent. ..
Lotion Bar
Lotion Bar 70 grams Mild everyday lotion bar, for day and night moisturising. Made with a range of nourishing butters and oils. Easy to use, just rub on your skin. Containing nourishing: Shea Butter: a mild moisturising butter suitable for a..
Mineral Deodorant
From Natural Minerals - A Healthy Alternative Natural deodorant a healthy alternative for everybody, which will keep you fresh. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, non sticky, non staining and odor free even in the hottest times. it gives an inv..
Natural Konjac Facial Sponge
Konjac Sponges are made from natural plant fibres from the Konjac plant. Used around the world for many years as a food source and skin treatment. The sponges are naturally rich in fibre and B group vitamins. The Natural Konjac Facial Sponge is sligh..
Solid Body & Hair Wash for Babies
A solid bar with no additives, scent or essential oils for babies and toddlers. Easy to use everyday or while travelling for both hair and body. Made with nourishing cocoa and shea butter with extra virgin olive oil. 70 grams ..