Household Cleaning

A range of natural household cleaning products, suitable for everyday use, embracing the natural purifying properties of essential oils and plant based ingredients. These are free from sodium laurel sulphate, ammonia laurel sulphate, phosphate, nitrates and no chlorides. Safe for the environment also suitable for septic tank systems. Mild for sensitive skin and no fumes are released making these safer for the respiratory system too.

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Cream Cleaner Citrus
A natural cream cleaner suitable for hard to remove grease and grime with a refreshing citrus scent. Suitable for stainless steel pots, pans and sinks. 500ml Directions: Pour a small amount on area to be cleaned, then gently rub with a sponge or c..
Glass & Mirror Cleaner
A natural glass and mirror cleaner, for everyday use. Free from the harsh chemicals, will not release fumes when using. Leaves glass and mirrors streak free and clean. 500ml ..
Household Cleaning Bar
A natural biodegrable cleaning bar for a wide range of tasks around the house. Just rub on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a damp cloth. Hundreds of uses, such as getting rid of stains, doing the dishes, cleaning the carpet. *To ensure..
Multi Purpose Cleaner
A general purpose cleaner suitable for showers, basins, paint work, floors and work benches in the kitchen Fully biodegradable, mild for the hands. 500ml Directions: For a 2L bucket use 1-2 small squirts (15-20ml). Squirt the cleaner in the bucket..
Spray and Wipe Citrus Fresh
An easy to use spray and wipe, with fresh citrus scent. Suitable for everyday use and most surfaces* to remove spills and general cleaning. The product does not release fumes when used. 500ml *Test first in small area if using on marble, porous, c..
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