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About Hair Products

Hair is an expressive characteristic and plays an important part in people's life. It influences one's complexion and personality and the all over condition may create positive or negative reaction.

Chemical foaming and cleansing agents are really doing nothing for your hair but "lather" and take away the natural oils, that makes your hair dry out and causes  breakage.

Natural botanical based shampoos made of raw combined plant based cleaners are mild for your hair and give it nutrients that it really needs to look and feel good. Pre-manufactured cleansers should be avoided.

A shampoo is not only expected to cleanse, care and condition the hair, but should also be able to treat some of the hair and scalp problems. Hair shampoos containing natural ingredients, such as herbal tinctures, vitamins, essential oils and sugar or protein based cleaners, which will not do any harm to the hair and are capable of repairing it.

Dandruff is the result of excessive scalding of horny layer of the skin of the scalp. It can be derived into an oily and a dry scalp.

Dry hair lacks gloss and luster is difficult to style and is often subject to electricity. This results from natural weathering. It needs to be conditioned to restore it manageability, softness, shine and fullness. In addition, bad looking hair is most likely damaged, which some conditioners may be able to repair.

Some tips for healthy hair:

  • Use mild natural shampoos.
  • Use water not higher in temperature than 40ÂșC for hair washing. The warmer the water the more irritable becomes the skin.
  • Use brushes with soft bristles.
  • Protect the hair from intensive solar radiation; sun exposure dehydrates the hair, causing breakage.
  • Have second thoughts, when consideration to wave, bleach or dye the hair, these techniques damages the hair.
  • Do not dry hair either too long or too hot.
  • After swimming in salt or chlorate water, rinse the hair thoroughly with fresh water, as salt and chlorine will damage the hair cuticles.  

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