Nourishing Nail Oil

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Nourishing Nail Oil 10 ml

Easy to use nail oil with a convenient brush container, use before adding colour or alone. Reduces splitting and breaking, and soothes painful hang nails.

Contains the following nourishing oils:

  • Perilla Seed Oil: contains naturally occurring omega 3 and 6, making highly nourishing and soothing oil.
  • Sacha Inchi Oil: Highly nourishing oil from Peru, rich in fatty acids and natural plant proteins.
  • Argan Oil: originates from the Morocco and western Mediterranean regions. Nourishing oil, rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids, especially omega 6 and 9, as well naturally occurring vitamin E.
  • Jojoba Oil obtained from a shrub originally growing in deserts in Arizona, California and Mexico, with thick, waxy green leaves. The oil is very similar to our skin’s own oil, sebum, therefore does not irritate the skin and soothes dry, rough skin and nails.

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