Lotion with Red Bush, Goji Berry & Gevuina Oil

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Lotion with Red Bush, Goji Berry & Gevuina Oil 125ml

A rich creamy lotion suitable for dry, mature skin types and as an overnight moisturizer.

Red Bush also known as Rooibos, a favourite tea grown in Southern Africa, with surprisingly beneficial properties for skincare too. Red Bush is rich in naturally occurring enzymes and minerals reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Suitable for dry skin and eczema, additionally anti-bacterial too.

Goji Berry is rich in anino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin C and minerals. These great properties makes Goji Berry great for skin repair and everyday hydration with gentle toning properties.

Gevuina Oil is also known as Chilean Hazelnut oil. This is a wonderful oil rich in mono-saturated fats, vitamin E and omega 7. Great for hydrating and improving the skin’s texture.

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