Balms, Butters & Bars

A wide range of butters and balms for a wide variety of applications.

  • Balms: Are water resistant and made with plant waxes. Often used to reduce friction and create a barrier over the skin.
  • Butters: Are made with plant butters, used to soothe and moisturize the skin.
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Almond & Açai Berry Body Butter
Almond Butter & Açai Berry is a great moisturizer for hands and body, with a creamy buttery texture. 100 grams Almond Butter is a great skin moisturizer, rich in fatty acids and naturally occuring vitamin E. Açai Berry is from the Amazon Fo..
Anti Friction Balm
A water resistant balm for reducing chaffing, friction and rubbing. 100 grams Useful for a wide range of applications including, cycling, rowing, surfing (for wet suits), bed sores, reducing blisters in hiking, ski and snowboard boots and areas of..
Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Balm
 Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Balm 115 gram A natural balm made with natural oils and extracts with stimulating, warming and anti-inflammatory properties. Made in an easy to apply formula. Ideal for a wide range of applications, reducing dis..
Avocado & Melon Seed Body Butter
A non greasy butter suitable for hands and body. 100 grams Avocado butter is rich in vitamins A & E as well as natural proteins and fatty acids. This penetrates the skin quickly. Melon Seed Oil is a light non-greasy oil rich in omega’s 3, 6..
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Baby Balm
A water resistant balm for all over body moisturizing and reducing nappy rash. 100 grams Made with candelillia wax, calendula oil, shea butter. These plant waxes and butters have rich moisturizing properties and properties reducing dryness and irr..
Body Butter
A rich moisturizing butter to soothe your skin and leave it smooth and supple. Containing oils and butters gathered from around the world, mixed together to create a unique formula. 100 grams ..
Cocoa & Mango Body Butter
A general body butter with two all time favourite butters. 100 grams Cocoa Butter is rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids great for dry and chapped skin.  Mango Butter is from the mango tree and helps restoring the skins flexibility. ..
Cupuaçu & Kokum Body Butter
A medium texture body, foot and hand butter Cupuaçu butter is from the chocolate family from the northern Amazon. Rich in fatty acids and aids the skin’s elasticity. Kokum Butter is from the Garcinia Indica originally from India. This butter is..
Cure Balm
Cure Balm 15 ml Combining remedial essential oils to help heal a wide range of skin problems and minor infections. Especially good for cold sores, extremely dry cracked lips, cracked cuticles, very dry flaky skin, inflammations and hemorrhoids. ..
Cuticle Balm
An easy to use balm for repairing the cuticles and rough areas on the hands. 30 grams Made with: Organically grown calendula and marshmallow extracts for healing and anti inflammatory properties Silica, a great mineral for skin and nails ..
Foot Balm
A moisturizing balm for dry feet and reducing fungal conditions. 100 grams Made with rich moisturizing butters of cocoa and shea butter. Eucalyptus and Menthol Essential Oil for ordour control and anti fungal properties. Also contains organically ..
Foot Bar
Foot Bar 55 grams An anti fungal and anti bacterial bar for feet. Moisturises and reduces odour. Made with soothing cocoa and shea butter with refreshing peppermint and menthol. Comes in a convenient solid bar with no plastic packaging.  ..
Hydrating Body Butter
A fruity body butter, made with mango and shea butter. Enriched with Argan, Pomegranate, Blackcurrant and Raspberry Seed Oil. Green Tea Extract provides rich anti-oxidant properties. 100ml ..
Illipe Butter
Illipe Butter is great body butter for a dry skin. 100 grams Illipe butter is from the fruit of the Illipe tree of South East Asia. Has a similar texture to Cocoa Butter ..
Magnesium Butter
Useful butter for tight muscles and muscle tension. 100 grams  An easy to apply butter made with Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Carbonate. Additionally made with organically grown arnica, comfrey and cramp bark extracts and arnica oil. T..
Moisturising Bar
Moisturising Bar 70 grams, packaged in a carton box A solid bar made of moisturizing oils with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter in a solid form, with the refreshing scent of Sweet Mango. Just rub on your skin after showering. Ideal fo..
Neem Rescue Balm
Neem Rescue Balm 15 grams A Balm with organically grown Neem Seed Oil. With no fragrances, or essential oil added. Suitable for a wide range of skin complaints, including: Cracked cuticles Cracked Heels Small patches of eczema, dermatiti..