Bath Salt

Now in a resealable stand-up pouch.

Made from high quality salts and are rich in minerals that are good for aches and relaxing after a long day. Now with some Himalayan Pink Salt. Mineral salts have calming and soothing properties for both skin and muscles. The scents are created with essential oils and fruit extracts for an unique bathing experience.

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Bath Salt Fig Raspberry & Peach
A fruity uplifting sweet combination. 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Frangipani Lily of the Valley & Honeysuckle
A mix of lovely florals, of the tropics and flower valleys. 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Grapefruit Fresh Greens & Sweet Mango
A refreshing blend of zesty grapefruit, greens and tropical sweet mango. 250 grams. ..
Bath Salt Green Tea & Pomegranate
A refreshing blend of green tea and pomegranates. 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Lavender & Neroli
A relaxing blend of soothing lavender and neroli blossoms. 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Lilac Patchouli Jasmine & Cherry Blossom
Combining florals and a soft woody undertone for an invigorating bath. 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Patchouli & Rose
A mixed of all time favourites patchouli and soft floral rose. 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Raspberry Blackcurrant & Geranium Rose
Soothing geranium rose with refreshing raspberry and blackcurrant 250 grams ..
Bath Salt Sandalwood Rose & Ylang Ylang
An invigorating combination of all time favourite scents. 250 grams ..